Kamps for Kids sent Daegan to summer camp and here's what he had to say

Summer camp changes lives

But don't just take our word for it...

...here's what the families of our campers had to say:

Summer camp was once a right-of-passage for kids – for many, it was their first time sleeping away from home, the first time they met kids from different neighbourhoods, and the first time they got to explore nature. 


With more and more families moving to urban centres than ever before, kids today don't have the chance to experience the great outdoors.


Kids, especially those in urban environments or that struggle with financial barriers, don't have the same opportunities to spend time in nature. 


"Studies have found that almost 70% of kids who attend summer camp see a positive change in their emotional intelligence." (University of Waterloo, 2011)

"It was Damien's first time ever being away from home that long. He would love to go again. I'm hoping he will get another chance to do so. "
– A.


"KampsforKids was a wonderful experience for Zafiya. She had a lot of great things to tell us about, such great memories, an experience for kids to take with them through life.."
– L. 


"Thank you so much for giving my son the opportunity to go to camp. He had an amazing time. I am forever grateful for your generousity. This program is an amazing gift for our community's children."

– G.

Drawing by camper Daegan

Photos courtesy of the Williston family 

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Drawing thank you from camper Daegan